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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Welcome to Quantum Strikes, a distinctive family-owned hedge fund dedicated to mastering the intricacies of the Forex market. Founded by Mihai Paul Olteanu, a seasoned trader with experience dating back to 2008, Quantum Strikes represents the culmination of a decade-long journey from concept to reality.

Mihai’s vision for Quantum Strikes began to take shape in 2013 in Panama, evolving from a passionate idea into a robust trading entity. This vision was brought to life with the indispensable support of Elena Olteanu and a significant initial investment from our family, underscoring our commitment to building a legacy in the financial world.

2023 marked a pivotal year for Mihai and Quantum Strikes. After completing multiple award-winning training programs and an intensive mentorship under a veteran trader with over 25 years of experience in the world’s leading banks, Mihai transitioned into a professional trader. This milestone was not just a personal achievement but also a significant leap forward for Quantum Strikes, enhancing our strategies, insights, and success rates in the Forex market.

In 2023, Quantum Strikes faced a year of rigorous challenges and learning, particularly in the realms of money and risk management, position sizing, and trade management. Our objective was clear and ambitious: to achieve a 100% Return on Investment by the year’s end. Despite the high stakes and the complexities involved, our commitment to our goals never wavered.

The year was especially significant as we launched our flagship account in April 2023. This move marked a new chapter in our journey, setting the stage for a period of intense trading activity and strategic decision-making. Our team, guided by the principles of discipline and meticulous analysis, navigated through the fluctuating markets with a clear focus on our set objectives.

Remarkably, by the close of trading in November, just eight months from the inception of our flagship account, Quantum Strikes had not only met but far exceeded our initial target. We were thrilled to secure a return of 281.9%, a testament to our strategies, resilience, and the collective effort of our dedicated team. This achievement underscored our capability to not only set ambitious goals but also to realize them within the demanding and unpredictable environment of Forex trading.

At Quantum Strikes, we are more than just a hedge fund; we are a testament to the power of dedication, education, and family collaboration in the high-stakes world of Forex trading. Join us as we continue to navigate the complexities of the market, driven by our core values, innovative strategies, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


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