EUR/USD Technical Analysis – April 12, 2024

EUR/USD Technical Analysis – April 12, 2024
EUR/USD Technical Analysis – April 12, 2024

In today’s technical breakdown of the EUR/USD pair, we navigate through the price actions observed during the Asian session and set the stage for potential movements as European and U.S. markets come into play. The narrow trading range during the Asian session offers a compact foundation for today’s analysis, hinting at potential breakouts as key economic data unfolds.

Asian Session Overview

During the early trading hours, EUR/USD demonstrated restrained volatility, confined within a tight 24-pip range. Notably, the session high perfectly coincided with today’s Pivot Point at 1.07270, suggesting a crucial level of equilibrium between buyers and sellers. This alignment often points to a balanced force field, where any significant departure from this point could dictate the market’s direction for the remainder of the trading day.

Key Technical Levels

  • Pivot Point: 1.07270
  • Resistance Levels:
    • R1: 1.07547, hovering just below yesterday’s high of 1.07564. This suggests a potential barrier where sellers might step in, considering the recent price rejection at this level.
    • R2: 1.07842, marking a secondary ceiling that could challenge upward momentum if R1 is decisively broken.
    • R3: 1.08119, a more ambitious target that would require significant buying pressure to achieve, possibly fueled by bullish economic news or market sentiment.
  • Support Levels:
    • S1: 1.06975, positioned close to yesterday’s low at 1.06992. This proximity to a recent low suggests a vital defensive line for the bulls, where a bounce could be anticipated.
    • S2: 1.06698, offering a deeper cushion should S1 fail to hold, potentially acting as a secondary fallback for price stabilization.
    • S3: 1.06403, representing the lowest tier of today’s support, which would come into play under a scenario of pronounced bearish sentiment.

Trading Strategy

Given the current setup, traders should monitor the Pivot Point at 1.07270 as a key indicator for intraday momentum. A sustained move above this level may invite tests of the successive resistance levels, particularly if enhanced by positive sentiment or data favoring the Euro. Conversely, a breakdown below this pivot could see the pair targeting the initial support at S1, with further declines potentially eyeing S2 and S3 if the bearish momentum intensifies.

Potential Influencers

Upcoming economic reports, such as the Michigan Consumer Sentiment in the U.S., could significantly sway market sentiment. A higher-than-expected reading may strengthen the USD, pushing EUR/USD towards lower support levels. Conversely, a disappointing outcome might weaken the USD, providing the Euro a chance to test higher resistances.


Today’s technical landscape for EUR/USD suggests a battleground defined by well-marked support and resistance levels, with the pivot point acting as a key fulcrum in determining short-term directional biases. Traders should remain agile, ready to adapt to the dynamics influenced by incoming economic data and market sentiment.

In this ever-evolving market, we stand watchful, prepared to strike as new opportunities present themselves, weaving our strategies between the fabric of technical indicators and real-time economic events.

Trading our dreams into reality,

Mihai Paul Olteanu