EUR/USD Technical Analysis – March 4, 2023

EURUSD technical analysis - Quantum Strikes
EURUSD technical analysis - Quantum Strikes
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In today’s trading landscape, the EUR/USD pair offers a complex yet intriguing setup for those looking to navigate the forex market. The day’s trading pivot point is established at 1.08267, providing a foundational reference for the session’s potential price movements.

Key Resistance and Support Levels

The pair encounters its initial resistance (R1) at 1.08555, a level that has proven to be a significant barrier over the past week. This resistance is critical for traders to monitor as a breach above could signal a shift towards bullish momentum. Additional resistance levels are identified at 1.08717 (R2) and 1.09005 (R3), presenting further challenges for upward price action.

Conversely, the support structure begins at 1.08105 (S1), with subsequent levels at 1.07817 (S2) and 1.07655 (S3). These marks delineate areas where the market may find a floor, offering opportunities for buyers to step in and potentially reverse downward trends.

Critical Zones for Directional Bias

For those seeking clarity in today’s market direction, attention should be paid to the following critical zones:

  • Upside Breakout Point: The 1.085 level is pivotal. A strong move above this resistance, particularly if sustained, could indicate a bullish turn, making it a key area for traders to watch.
  • Downside Breakout Point: The 1.08 mark represents a significant support zone, having been tested and held firm in the last two trading sessions. A drop below this level, especially if prices move to 1.0795, could herald a bearish phase for the pair.

Incorporating EMA Analysis

The technical landscape is further enriched by the positioning of the 89EMA and 200EMA, which currently hover around the 1.083 zone. The interaction of the price with these moving averages could provide additional insights into market sentiment and potential price direction.

Trading Strategy Recommendation

Considering the current technical indicators and market conditions, we propose a bearish stance for the EUR/USD today. We recommend considering a Sell entry around the 1.0855 resistance level, aligning with our analysis that sees this area as a formidable ceiling for price action.

  • Entry Point: Target a Sell position near 1.0855, in anticipation of a potential downturn from this key resistance.
  • Profit Target: Aim for a profit of 20 pips, capturing the expected decline while maintaining a tight focus on market movements.
  • Risk Management: Implement strict risk controls with a stop-loss order placed just above the resistance level to mitigate potential losses should the market move contrary to expectations.


As the EUR/USD pair navigates through these technical levels, traders should remain vigilant, adapting to the market’s evolving dynamics. While our analysis leans towards a bearish outlook based on current setups, it’s essential to stay informed on global economic developments and market sentiment that could impact currency movements.

Remember, successful trading is not just about making accurate predictions but also about managing risk and adapting to new information. Keep your strategies flexible and your mind open to changes in the market.

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Mihai Paul Olteanu